Organize Yourself Online is an online service that helps you get organized. It is based on the idea that making big changes takes time, and you're far more likely to succeed with the help of planning tools, ongoing reminders, expert guidance and a caring community. The program provides all this (and more) to help you set and reach the goals that are right for you.

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Here's what you can expect from the service:

1. Every week, your personal site will introduce a new program that addresses a specific area of getting organized.  

We introduce new material weekly to keep you focused on making changes and taking action in manageable chunks.  You will receive an email each week with information about that week's program and reminders to come back to the site.

2. Every day, return to the site to track your Goals, write in your Journal, review the weekly topic, and connect with others. You will get more and more comfortable with the changes you are making.

The purpose of this is to:
a. learn new habits and skills
b. make plans to start using them
c. remember what you decided to do
d. remind yourself to do it
e. stay focused!

The changes you'll want to make won't necessarily happen overnight, but this approach makes it far more likely that the improvements you make will really last!

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