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Organize Yourself is an online service, based on my best selling organization books, that is personally customized to your hopes and strengths. By allowing you to concentrate on just one thing at a time, this service makes it easier than ever to get organized.

Don't miss the chance to start changing your habits and become better organized. You can master a valuable life-long skill without wrenching changes.

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  • Guidance
    Specific guidance and advice on how to get yourself organized.
  • Focus
    Record your next steps, lessons learned, and successes.
  • Insight
    Easy-to-use quizzes, self-tests, and personal assessments.
  • Solutions
    Practical tools and solutions.
  • Inspiration
    The inspiration you need to finally make it happen
  • Strategies
    Use the strategies taught by the pros.
  • Connections
    Share problems with people who can help, in a private and secure place.

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Meet the Authors

Ronni Eisenberg
Ronni Eisenberg is a nationally recognized time management and organizational expert who has been in business for over twenty-five years. She frequently consults or does presentations for major corporations and national business associations. In addition, she does one-on-one consulting regarding organization in the workplace.

Ronni Eisenberg has also served as spokesperson for several major consumer product campaigns and has created her own line of organizing products.

Kate Kelly
Kate is a professional writer, and author of books on diverse subjects, including nine books with Ronni Eisenberg. She specializes in helpful nonfiction and is well known as a reliable expert on parenting and on family safety. She is frequently quoted in magazines and newspapers and appears regularly on television.

Her most recent titles are on teen health, living safe, and parenting a teenager.

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